Get awesome UGC for your website

Use the BULLZ Web Recorder to get real recommendations from your users and boost your website with user-generated content




8 out of 10 people admit that UGC from users that they don’t know signifies brand quality and influences what they buy.

9 out of 10 consumers find user-generated content helpful.

User-generated videos are viewed 10 times more than branded videos.

UCG is hands-down the best content you can have on your website. Nothing beats peer-to-peer word-of-mouth recommendations.

The BULLZ Web Recorder

You can show these short-form videos wherever you want on your website.

All recommendations are authenticated via the peer-review system WOM Protocol. Only honest and authentic UGC is approved and users can earn rewards for their recommendations.

The recommendations also appear in the BULLZ app--enabling you to reach a wider audience and giving you a share of the WOM Token rewards for videos recorded on your website.

Word-of-mouth UGC is the future of marketing--get it for your platform now!

Get UGC directly from your users and fans with the BULLZ Web Recorder. Simply drop this plugin into your website and your users can record recommendations directly on your site.

How it works

1. Implement the Web Recorder on your website.

Create a new page to host the Web Recorder so you can control who sees it and when.

2. Encourage your users to make recommendations.

Reach out to customers and create various CTAs in your communications to let your users know they can make recommendations and earn rewards.

3. Your users record videos recommending your token, project, products, or services.

4. Recommendations are authenticated via the WOM Protocol. 

Users make videos directly on your website. Users who are already on BULLZ can earn WOM Tokens and users who aren’t on BULLZ can sign up so they can earn rewards, or they can submit their videos without signing up.

The WOM Protocol authenticates all recommendations. Recommendations that pass authentication are available for you to use.

5. Choose and show recommendations on your platform. 

The WOM Protocol has additional tools that enable you to browse all authenticated recommendations and display them on your website, as well as boost the visibility of these recommendations on the BULLZ app and other platforms.


Leverage UGC for your platform

Trust via WOM-authenticated content

Extra exposure on the BULLZ app

Offer crypto rewards to project fans

Gain a revenue stream

Easy to implement

Mobile friendly

Popular vertical video format

Get the Web Recorder now!

Ready to get UCG from your fans? Download the instructions below to install and use the BULLZ Web Recorder

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