Empower your community with the BULLZ telegram bot

You can now easily collect and reward user-generated-content about your project with the BULLZ telegram bot! Your community is the most authentic and trusted form of marketing. Incentivize them to spread the word...

Boosting user-generated-content can be so easy

Use the BULLZ bot to drive content from your community forward. Users can upload content directly from telegram and automatically earn WOM rewards. Enabling your community to earn for recommending your project is a win-win!

Add this bot in your channel to experience the power of word-of-mouth

Once you add the BULLZ bot in your telegram channel, your community will be able to upload their video recommendations about your project.

We have developed simple commands that users can interact with to start earning WOM rewards with their content.

Group admins can create a promotional message

Kick-off your UGC campaign by announcing the opportunity in your telegram channel. Let your community know they can earn by recommending your project!

Users can hit the “Let’s Go” button and get redirected to the BULLZ video bot

Yes, its that easy! Once a community member clicks “let’s go” a chat opens with the BULLZ video bot. The bot will collect the content and after passing a peer review process, the user will start earning rewards.

Get the BULLZ Video Bot now!

No time to waste! Give back to your community by sharing a new way for them to monetize their love for you!

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