What is BULLZ?

The BULLZ app is a social recommendation platform dedicated to crypto and blockchain. The crypto space is full of misinformation with countless Telegram groups, tokens, projects, exchanges, and airdrops popping up every day. Finding the real projects can be tough and discouraging.

BULLZ cuts through the bull by providing trusted, authenticated community information and education about projects, tokens, exchanges, events, and everything else crypto.

Additionally, creators earn WOM Tokens--the WOM Protocol native token--based on the engagement with their recommendations.

How are recommendations on BULLZ authenticated?

BULLZ uses the WOM Protocol to peer-review and authenticate every recommendation video on BULLZ. No shills allowed!

WOM Authenticators rate each recommendation based on the following criteria:

  • Authenticity: Is the recommendation honest, reliable, and trustworthy?
  • Creativity: Did the creator put effort and creativity into a unique recommendation?
  • Positivity: Does the recommendation show the product in a positive light and create desire?

Recommendations that pass authentication can earn WOM Tokens. Check out this link to learn more about how WOM Protocol authentication works.

Video Creation

How do I create a recommendation video?

You can record videos directly in the BULLZ app using the in-app video recording and editing tools. Simply tap on the camera icon and get started! Alternatively, you can upload pre-recorded videos from your phone to the BULLZ app as well.

After you record or upload your video you will be prompted to add the following:

  1. The topic of your video (e.g. Metamask or Coinbase Rewards)
  2. The brand or company that created what you recommend (e.g. ConsenSys or Coinbase)
  3. A URL (e.g. https://metamask.io/ or https://www.coinbase.com/rewards)
  4. Hashtags
  5. The spoken language in the video

The final step is to stake WOM Tokens for your video to be authenticated and for the potential to earn WOM Tokens.

How long does my video need to be?

There is no minimum time requirement for your video. However, we recommend recording videos between 30-60 seconds in length to give yourself time to properly cover the topic.

What audio can I use in my video?

You can use whatever audio you record and own. Any videos with copyrighted music will be removed.

WOM Rewards

How do I earn rewards for my recommendations?

In the last step before you submit your video you will be prompted to stake WOM. When you stake, your recommendation goes to the WOM Authenticator and if your video passes authentication, you can start earning WOM Tokens.

You earn WOM Tokens based on the daily engagement with your recommendation in relation to the other recommendations in the WOM Ecosystem. The better your recommendation performs compared to other recommendations each day, the more WOM you earn each day.

When do I earn rewards for my recommendations?

After your video passes authentication it is immediately eligible to start earning. Rewards are emitted daily with a few days’ delay for accounting reasons.

Where are my WOM Tokens?

To receive and store WOM, you must create a wallet in the BULLZ app. Follow the steps in the app beginning on the Activity screen to create your wallet. Once you create your wallet, you can start receiving WOM Tokens and see your current balance.

In your wallet you can see your transactions including your daily WOM earnings. You can send and receive WOM to your wallet as well as exchange your WOM for gift cards.

How much WOM can I earn?

There is a set daily amount of WOM Tokens rewarded each day in the WOM Ecosystem. How much you earn depends on a variety of factors including the authentication rating on your video and the engagement with your videos (likes, comments, shares, etc.).

What can I do with WOM Tokens?

You can do a number of different things with WOM Tokens:

  1. Redeem your WOM Tokens for gift cards in the BULLZ app. You can redeem your WOM Tokens for gift cards to more than 2,500 brands including iTunes and Starbucks. Which cards are available is determined by your location.
  2. Exchange your WOM Tokens on a crypto exchange for other cryptocurrencies. You can transfer your WOM Tokens to an external wallet and then exchange them on any crypto exchange that supports WOM Token trading. For a list of current exchanges, check out the WOM Protocol website.
  3. Use your WOM Tokens to stake more recommendations. Each recommendation you submit requires a stake. You can use your earned WOM Tokens to stake even more recommendations and earn even more WOM Tokens.
  4. HODL your WOM Tokens in the BULLZ app. Or transfer your WOM to your own external wallet and HODL!

Why does my wallet balance keep changing?

Your WOM balance in your wallet will change each time you earn, send, or spend WOM Tokens. Your transaction history is visible in your wallet.

Your actual account balance is always denominated in WOM. The USD amount shown in your wallet is simply a guide based on the current exchange rate. The USD amount will fluctuate as the WOM-USD exchange rate fluctuates on open market crypto exchanges.


How do I get verified?

Verified creators are determined by an internal process. There is no application process or ability to request verification.

Verified creators have the ability to create a Team which other creators can join. Teams can help each other earn even more rewards. The team leader has the chance to earn more WOM as their team earns and team members have the chance to earn more WOM through the added visibility of being in a team.

If you have any other questions or need support please contact our team via the Help Desk.

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