Level up your discord server with the BULLZ Video Creator Bot

You can now easily collect and reward user generated content about your projects with the BULLZ Video Creator Bot. Your community is the most authentic and trusted force of marketing--incentivize them to spread the word!

Easy to add Easy to use Easy to earn

Integrate the BULLZ Video Creator Bot onto your server with just a few clicks. Users can then submit content directly within Discord through a few commands and automatically earn WOM rewards.

Available on mobile and desktop

The BULLZ Video Creator Bot can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices--whatever your community prefers! Now you can finally empower your community to create and share content about your project.

Simple commands for giving users the opportunity to “create to earn”

Users type “/start” to launch the BULLZ Video Creator Bot and continue through the login or signup process to upload their content. Everything happens within the discord server! The BULLZ Video Creator Bot collects the content, the content goes through a review, and users start earning rewards.

Get the BULLZ Video Creator Bot now!

Get it now! Give back to your community by sharing a new way for them to monetize their love for you!

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